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Online Marketing Strategies in Travel 2015: 15 stats to consider

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1. TripAdvisor (42%) is the most downloaded mobile app amongst travelers, followed by Priceline (15%), Expedia (14%) and Orbitz (13%)

2. There are 139 reviews written every minute on TripAdvisor

3. You lose 25-60% of visitors with each click in the path to purchase on mobile

4. 69% of travelers begin their search online…via a mobile device!

5. Average mobile users check their device 150 times per day!

6. Of the average six daily hours US adults spend on digital media, 3 hours is on mobile

7. Twitter on Travel: in the past year, 60M tweets mentioned hotels, 21M tweets mentioned vacations

8. 70% of followers have taken some action after seeing travel content on Twitter

9. 70% of Instagram users have looked for a brand online

10. 3/4 of consumers are frustrated when online content doesn’t relate to their interest

11. In 2016, 50% of total travel sales will involve more than one device

12. Ritz Carlton Hotel sees 18% conversions from email campaigns. Email is not dead, folks!

13. 92% of visitors to a website will never return. Thus, remarketing is key!

14. Only 27% of hotels send automated emails prior to arrival (and after departing)

15. According to Google, 1/3 of people with a smartphone would give up sex instead of their phone. Sad.

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