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New exciting challenge in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Back to Dubai, Mecca of Hospitality!

It is with a great pleasure to announce that i have accepted a new challenge back to Dubai! Although i was happy at Kipriotis Hotel Group with a lot of potential, i decided to pursue an international career. Entering back into the demanding market of Dubai will cost me on sleepless nights but on the other hand i will have the opportunity to become stronger in the field of #eCommerce and #RevenueManagement.

Several friends have asked me why i decided to choose an independent property to continue my career than continuing managing the eCommerce department of one of the 15 biggest hotel groups in Greece. The answer is pretty straightforward,not only the big difference in the salary but the opportunity to be developed in the revenue management field. Being already 10 days at #MajesticHotelTower, i have noticed that i need to refresh my knowledge in the #RevenueManagement and read again my notes from my studies in #eCornel.

I attach for your perusal the farewell email that i have send to friends and colleagues while working on #KipriotisHotels Group.

    farewell message sent to Kipriotis colleagues


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